South East Regional Emergency Services Authority – SERESA is a Municipal Consolidated dispatch center in Macomb County. The Consolidation was finalized and the Public Safety Answering Point went live for the three Cities of Eastpointe, Roseville and St. Clair Shores for Police and Fire Services in December 2010.

The formation of SERESA, accomplished by Articles of Incorporation under the Urban Cooperation Act, was finalized in September 2010 after six years of discussion. SERESA as a Consolidated Dispatch center is governed under the Authority of a Board of Directors appointed by each of the City Government Boards along with Police and Fire Representation. Current Board Members consist of:

  • A City Council Appointed Official from St. Clair Shores
  • A City Council Appointed Official from Eastpointe
  • A City Council Appointed Official from Roseville
  • The Police Chief from St. Clair Shore
  • The Fire Chief from Roseville

SERESA also has a Technical Advisory Committee comprised of Dispatch, Police and Fire personnel from all agencies that are served by SERESA as well as Police and Fire Task Force Work Groups to address any procedural situations.

There are a combination of twenty-eight full and part-time employees with SERESA They attend regular training and are current and certified in all recommended State training standards. SERESA has twenty Dispatchers, five Supervisors, one Deputy Director and one Executive Director.

SERESA occupies a refurbished building that was chosen with growth in mind. Carefully taking the burden of taxpaying and the economy in mind, the location, selection of equipment and space were all designed for future agencies to be able to consider this consolidated center as an option for their public safety dispatching needs.